Yacht Chartering – Best Kept Secret Family Vacation

Chartering a yacht for most people means chartering a Crewed Yacht. That means you get a Captain familiar with the area to take you around the islands and a Chef to prepare meals in accordance with your preferences. Think of it as a floating All Inclusive Resort or 3 Bedroom Villa Rental only better.

There are a few things that set this vacation apart from your traditional All Inclusive Resort or Vacation Rental one is that it’s fluid, it moves. Every day you are at a different island, different snorkel spot and all you have to do is jump off the back of your boat!

It’s hard to imagine that a vacation option like this exists, but it does! Your ‘hotel’ moves with you. No packing / unpacking of bags.

The next difference is EVERYTHING is included and there are no line ups. The food is crafted around your family and your preferences. No buffets to shuffle through. Every meal has you sitting down with your group talking about the day’s adventures – there’s a lot of laughter here!

The water toys are all accessible at any moment from wake boards to floating islands and more. No signing up for a rental, no time limits.

Excursions are always that hidden extra you need to account for even at an all-inclusive – not on a Crewed Yacht Charter vacation! Your yacht is your primary excursion island hopping every day and your dinghy is your way of exploring areas a little more up close and personal as well as taking you ashore to discover the local flavor of the islands.

You want everything taken care of – no problem! You’d rather just have the Captain only – also no problem. Want a little bit of both – you can have that too!

The value of this vacation exceeds any traditional All-Inclusive Resort out there because you are number one not just a room number.

Definitely the most important difference is the time this vacation allows you to reconnect with your family. With no outside distractions from TV, friends dropping by, parties to attend you get real face time with your kids. The adventures you experience every day bring you closer together and the memories made last a lifetime.

At the end of the day you have a comfortable, cool cabin to retire to for a good night’s sleep.

This is definitely a vacation crafted to your holiday vision from beginning to end.