Villa Rental in Croatia

More and more people are moving away from the traditional stay in a hotel or resort when they look to vacation or get away for a while. With the rising popularity of companies like Air B&B and Home Away, it is becoming more common place for vacationers to consider renting out a private residence, either from a rental company of from a private party and enjoy all the comforts of home while also having the perks of being on vacation and away hustle and bustle.

Istria is located on the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea and is a city split between three countries, with the largest portion being in Croatia. A beautiful landscape that boasts everything from mountains, to sea, to flowing rivers, it is a great destination for vacationers looking to enjoy a bit of nature, while also being able to stay in a private villa that offers all the comforts that they would find in a luxury home.

This villa for rent in Croatia is more than one hundred years old. Originally built in 1903 entirely out of stone, the structure still remains today. However, this stone home was entirely renovated three years ago, in 2013. During the construction, only natural materials were used to reconstruct the home. All of the materials that were used were indigenous to the area. It boasts a beautiful display of Kanfanar stone and more than 300 square meters of garden.

This beautiful Croatian villa for rent offers a modern style of d├ęcor as the home comes fully furnished with all of the comforts of home available throughout the entire stay.

With many of the same amenities, and some that vacationers wouldn’t expect, this home offers far more than one would anticipate to find at a five-star hotel or even a resort. It is a great mix of luxury as well as quite practical in its location and amenities.

Conveniently located close to everything, it is also far enough away to offer the kind or privacy that one would expect to receive while on vacation.

This villa for rent is located in a village with just a few small houses and has over 7000 square meters of greenery and nature surrounding it to offer additional privacy as well as the opportunity for vacationers to enjoy nature and adventure out, while still having their own privacy.

There are two parts to the home in Croatia. The first floor consists of a three-bedroom apartment home that comes complete with a kitchen that is fully stocked. It has its own bathroom as well as a balcony terrace that is also fully furnished with garden furniture surrounded by nature to offer a peaceful and relaxing setting.

The bottom floor boasts a studio apartment, that is also furnished with a modern edge. The studio part of the villa available in Croatia is also made of stone and boasts its own fireplace.

It too, has its own garden terrace with furniture outside as well. Both are right next to a beautiful pool that is shared between the guests of the top and bottom floors by which there is patio furniture available for use as well.

A villa for rent in Croatia is an excellent opportunity to offer vacationers all of the luxury and amenities that one would expect to receive staying in a five-star hotel or resort, while also offering all of the privacy and convenience of having a private home.

More and more people are moving away from traditional vacation stays and trying out renting a vacation home either from a company or from a private owner to enjoy the best of both worlds.