Environmentally-Friendly Skiing? La Tania Has It!

While global warming and other environmental concerns may be the last things on your mind as you relax in the cozy warmth of your ski chalet, La Tania’s powers-that-be have taken great pains to ensure it is, indeed, is taken care of. This delightful resort in the French Alps is doing its part when it comes to sustainable tourism.

Green development is one of those not-quite visible, yet very important, aspects of the creation and managements of ski resorts, as well as other types of holiday destinations. When it comes to planning, management and policies – especially in design – you will find that whether you’re talking about a snow machine, waste management or plans for a ski chalet, La Tania’s environmental friendliness comes to the fore.

Green Design

One of the good things about this modest and less flashy resort in the Three Valleys is the fact that it was developed in 1990- a fair bit later than the other resorts nearby. It was at a time when people were already aware of the need for green consciousness and environmentally-friendly principles right from the planning stage. Unlike other resorts, that needed to ‘backwards engineer’ the older areas of their development for environmental friendliness, in each aspect of the resort – from community planning, area management, even the plans and location of each and every ski chalet – La Tania keeps to the basic principles of green planning.

One great example of this is in the planning and execution of the accommodations. The traditional Savoyard- designed ski chalet, La Tania-style, is wood-covered- all the better to go with the wooded areas they are located in. (La Tania is located in the most wooded region of the Trois Valle├ęs and is classified as a Nature Zone.) The chalets, buildings and other structures are also sourced from renewable green sources from local labour, all in keeping with the principles of sustainable design and planning. What’s even more important is that the basic services needed to run them are designed to ensure the least effect on the environment.

Renewable Power And Reduced Energy Consumption

For the power you will be using, including in your ski chalet, La Tania uses 100% guaranteed green energy from renewable sources, including hydro. Effective insulation and other architectural and engineering precautions also ensure efficient energy consumption.

The use of public transport between the resorts ensures a reduction in both in the use of fuel from private vehicles, and in the emissions that contribute to the greenhouse effect. With the wonderful landscape and location planning – including runs that let you ski right from the door of your ski chalet – La Tania is obviously designed to be a green ski destination. All the better for you to enjoy nature- while helping protect it!