The Best Way to Travel Around Santorini During Your Holidays

The summer is now knocking on our door and many people around the globe have started making their plans considering their options for their summer holidays.

This year, according to many analysts, Greece is expected to have a significant increase in tourist arrivals.

One of the most famous and multi-advertised destinations in Greece is the magnificent island of Santorini in the region of Cyclades.

This beautiful island with the spectacular volcano view, the caldera and the white Cycladic buildings, has established a high reputation all over the world. Many tourists will eventually choose Santorini as their holiday destination in order to feel the romantic experience of a place that is considered to be paradise on earth!

The need for transportation is essential due to the fact that in Santorini the distance from your “perfect view” hotel to the beach or even the port or the airport may be long.

So the main question arising is “what are my options for travelling around the island?”.

There are quite a few ways to do this depending on your personality and, of course, your budget. The first option, being the most economical, is the bus. If someone can overcome the awaiting time and, on several occasions, the crowd then this would be a bearable solution. Another way is the use of taxis. They provide a fast option but the high cost of such transportation means is always a matter of debate.

What other alternatives can a tourist have? Renting a car or an ATV. The cost of renting a car for example, is surprisingly low and gives you the advantage of being able to decide by yourself for yourself.

For instance, when you have a family, sometimes it is difficult to plan the day in tight time schedules, especially when the kids are very young or there is a baby in the company. Hiring a car will be cost effective and will make your life and your vacation easier in many ways; you will be able to enjoy the view of the island, and not only plan your travels to the sites you want to see but, most importantly, your everyday visit to the beach! The island provides many public parking lots for free, and most of the hotels have their own private parking area. The driving experience in Santorini can be fun and you will be amazed at how easy it is to find your way around the island, as the road network consists of only two main roads that can lead you to every village.

All in all, rent-a-car companies provide a reliable and inexpensive solution for tourist travels in Santorini, plus arrival and departure assistance, and give you the time and convenience to explore the beauties of this unique destination!