How to Choose a Camping Lantern

In the last decade, camping and hiking have become one of the most popular outdoor leisure activities for especially people who live in the cities. And sometimes, people have to spend the night, as they say, where the night found, for example, in a tent on the shore of a lake or river. Thus, a wonderful camping lantern is essential for every camper. So, what is the suitable camping lantern?

Basic Requirements for Camping Lantern

  • Design of a Camping Lantern

Appearances of camping lamps can be very different. Some models of lamps are made in the style of a kerosene lamp, the other in the form of a conventional ceiling or wall lamp, which is a hemisphere or a rectangle. I believe that the lamp should be like a lantern, to which we are accustomed in the usual sense of the word.

  • Optical System

Camping lamps’ optical system can be divided into two main types, the direct and reflected light. Direct light lamps adopt low-cost LEDs, which poorly perceived by the human eyes. The light just enough to, for example, see the face of interlocutors at the table. The fact is that the human eye is most sensitive to sunlight. In the last 3-4 years, LED manufacturers have improved their lighting performance and achieved LED light which outputs almost complete coincident emitted spectrum with sunlight. Now, the color temperature of the LED light is 4800 – 5200 K. One of the leaders in the production of LEDs is an American company, CREE. So, I believe that a camping lantern with CREE LEDs will be the right option.

My Choice

Searching for the suitable camping lamp, I settled on the following camping lamp torch.

Brief characteristics of the lamp:

  • Material: Plastics, ABS
  • Lens Material: PC
  • Mode: 5(Red flash/Red light/Strong light/Dim light/Strobe)
  • Lumen: 90LM
  • Illumination Time: 16 Hours
  • Lamp Wick Type: CREE XPG
  • Battery Type: 3 x AA batteries
  • Weight: About 78g

With the rubber anti-slip button and one key switch, it’s easy for operation. And the five lighting modes can satisfy different needs outdoors. There is a sealing ring on the battery cabin, which is waterproof and can protect batteries well. With stainless steel hook and magnet on the bottom, it is very convenient for use.


Generally speaking, when you choose a camping lantern, you should take into account the design, the optical system, and etc. Sometimes, it depends on where you go and how much you can afford.