Enjoy Your Stay With The Best Facilities In Koh Phi Phi Hotels

Whenever we think of our summer holidays, we think of beaches and islands. We all want to go to a place where we can have fun and relaxation at the same time; a place with happening clubs, beautiful resorts, sizzling parties. If you are looking for all this stuff, then you are looking for Koh Phi Phi Island in Thailand. If you are a fun lover, you cannot keep yourself away from the most amazing beaches and even more colorful hotels here.

It is fast developing into a place where you can easily find the most luxurious, yet affordable hotels. The best thing with Koh Phi Phi hotels is that you can always get the most friendly atmosphere at the most reasonable prices. There are many hotels in this beautiful place, but they all offer you the best facilities, quality service and of course, the great location. This place offers something to everyone regardless of the fact who you are and where you from. This is the reason why visitors keep coming back as find their holiday niche here.

If you are a frequent visitor here, you will always find that the standard of hotels is going one notch up every year. This is one place that gives you the full value for money. Here you can get the most important thing – a sense of satisfaction. Koh Phi Phi hotels cater for many tastes and preferences. From groups to individuals to families to couples, you have a wide choice of accommodations to choose from.

There are several spectacular hotels in Koh Phi Phi, which makes it the best place to spend vacations, especially if you are looking for a calm and peaceful place. The view of surrounding area is excellent and marvelous. All these Koh Phi Phi hotels are prolific and comfortable. You will find that these hotels assure each of its guest complete privacy. These hotels are also regarded as the apt place for a honeymoon vacation.

Here are some of the best Koh Phi Phi hotels:

1 Phi Phi: The Beach Resort

From superior villas and coffee bistros to beach pub restaurant and unbeatable service, you will find the best facilities for tourists. Each room has air conditioning, hot and cold water, satellite TV, mini-bar, and telephone. Hill side bungalows offer the stunning views of the ocean.

2 Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel

It is certainly the most popular eco-friendly resort on the island. It has some of the most elegant rooms and it has the pool merged with the bays in the Andaman Sea. The USP of the resort is the delicious Thai cuisine served at the roof top of the restaurant.

3 Zeavola Hotel

Located at the northern tip of the island on a white sand beach, the resort can be reached only by a one-hour speed boat ride from Krabi or Phuket. The restaurant serving a variety of local cuisines is the main attraction.

4 Aryaburi Resort

You will find the most amazing serenity of nature with the villas of Aryaburi Resort, which is quite close to Laem Hin Beach. It is surrounded by tall trees that make it the perfect setting for a tropical beach holiday. The serene surroundings make it a favorite with off beat travelers.

5 Phi Phi Villa Resort

This resort is famous for its nice romantic atmosphere. The interiors are designed with a variety of Thai-style and alternate fashions and the place got many rooms at economical prices. From twin to single to family sized rooms, you will find them all here.

6 P.P.Erawan Palms Resort

The resort is the ideal base for a host of water-based activities. It is a three-star resort standing gracefully amongst the coconut plantations near the white sand beach. If you are looking for perfect sunset views, then this is the place that you must target. The best thing about this amazing restaurant is that it serves the tastiest and the freshest seafood.

It’s not that all Koh Phi Phi hotels are expensive. There are several cheap or low-cost hotels where you can enjoy your stay in this beautiful place. All these hotels offer a hassle-free stay to the guests as they are decked up beautifully and are well-furnished. For many food lovers, there is the best seafood to enjoy with your chosen glass of drink. There are so many beautiful villas where you can enjoy with your friends and family.