Top of the Charts – Popular Cities of America

As one of the world’s most powerful country, America seems intimidating to a lot of people. However, once you get to crawl through the rough exterior you’ll find that it has a lot of blossoms to offer you. The vast american lands have a lot of destinations that are heaven for tourists. From green fields to skyscrapers so high that you’ll crane your neck looking at them – America has something to satisfy all the different types of tourists. Over the years, America has given birth to and has been the home ground of many famous personalities that have brought revolutions to the world as we know it. This includes tech magnets such as Bill gates and Steve Jobs and writers such as Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. And if you have never been to see it, now is your time to shine and visit the following legendary cities of America using Virgin Atlantic tickets.

1. New York

Obviously when it comes to America, the most popular destination that people visit is New York. This place is the perfect location for people going on a family vacation because it has entertainments for all type of age groups. If you’re looking for serenity you can get that at Central Park and if you’re looking for the modern day location to visit then you can always go visit the Empire State Building standing in the middle of this large city in all its glory. Manhattan located in the center of New York is filled to the brim with some amazing street food sellers. The true experience here is not limited to fancy restaurants but it is rather defined by the street food vendors that will supply you with some amazing and taste bud wrenching delicacies.

2. Las Vegas

The ultimate party zone, dubbed as the city of sin throughout the world, Vegas is a famous spot for people on honeymoon or people going on vacation with their special someone. Casinos, high stakes, clubs and all night party – you name and Vegas has it. Don’t believe us? Then go to the Las Vegas Strip or Bellagio and you’ll see for yourself.


It has the sandy beach, it has the sun and it is surrounded by lush blue water. What more could you want on a vacation right? So go out to Miami, get tanned and get laid on the beach. The jungle Island and Freedom tower are just some of the must see sights of Miami.