Sights To See In Glasgow

Glasgow may not be the capital but it still is the root of everything scottish and more. Being the biggest city of Scotland, Glasgow hold a population of more than 0.6 million people. It is a famous spot amongst tourists all around the world. Especially people who love the typical historical background that Glasgow has. This port city is popular amongst all type of people, tourists, businessmen and vacationers alike. Afterall, Glasgow has been the main industrial centre of Scotland for many many years. It is the ideal destination to visit in the summers because it has the ideal summer weather – not too cold and definitely not too hot. Just the perfect environment you need to let loose. So start booking your Airline Tickets and go through the following in Glasgow.

1. Cruise the Clyde

The Clyde is one of the main attractions in Glasgow. And if you’re not a big fan of the sea or cruises in the oceans then you should definitely go for a cruise in the clyde. The reason is that this cruise will be of a much shorter decision and since this is a river you won’t have to interact with the sea atmosphere at all. A lot of people get nauseous when the travel through the sea water and if you’re on of those then this cruise will help you a lot. It will fulfill your wish to go cruising without involving the hassle of interacting with the salty sea environment.

2. Glasgow Cathedral St.Mungo

This is probably the most important historical building in the whole city of Glasgow. This cathedral has been a part of Scotland since early 12th Century and it has been a very vital part for people to visit. This castle like cathedral looks like it came straight out if history. It houses the legendary catholic Saint Mungo. St. Mungo’s crypt is the largest room (if you can call it that) of the cathedral. Overall this building is a sight to see because of its unique architecture and its historical and cultural importance for Scotland. And while you’re at it you can also go and watch the St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art which will give you a lot of things to ponder over. This gives you exhibits such as Egyptian mummies and hindu religious statues brought over during the british regency era.

3. Visit the George Square

Also known as the heart of the city of Glasgow, George square is something without which your trip to Glasgow will seem incomplete. It also has a host of incredible statues for you to gaze on which include famous personalities such as Queen Victoria and Walter Scott.