Day: September 17, 2021

Vacation Rentals

Five Ways the Sharing Economy Is Helping the Travel Industry

Recent years have seen the rise of the sharing economy as a highly successful business model across the world that has allowed many people who have little experience of business to participate and make money in many different industries; which has significantly boosted global economies and has even created entirely new industries, such as ride […]

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Ski Resorts

3 Amazing Ski Destinations in America

It’s that time of year again: dig out your old snowsuit, find the warmest beanie your nanna ever knitted and throw your skis in the trunk, because you’re heading for the slopes! But how on earth are you supposed to decide where to go? America is a land of glittering, snow-capped peaks; powder to die […]

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Travel and Leisure

Alki Point: Kerosene Lantern to Lighthouse

In 1868 Hans Martin Hanson and his brother-in-law Knud Olson purchased the 260 acres of land from Dr. David Maynard. The purchase price was $450. Later Hanson and Olson divided the property with Hanson’s portion being the point. Legend has it that sometime during the 1870s farmer Hanson hung a brass kerosene lantern from a […]

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Luxury Cruising

My Romantic St Lucia Cruise

A St.Lucia Cruise is ideal for those that enjoy outdoor activities featuring many natural resources and unique environments. St.Lucia Cruises are the perfect way to explore this beautiful island. In St.Lucia, the thick patois spoken by residents can be difficult for travellers to understand but the locals are always happy to translate for you as […]

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